Back in the UK after a weekend in Amsterdam, it’s been weird being away not having to think of the kids!
Getting stoned, drinking and checking out windows! Once I would have killed everything to do that!
Now I am moving round the park thinking kids would love it here, nearly even bought a fridge magnet then recalled we don’t talk anymore, got more stoned missed you guys pulled, had a fight, kebab random sex with a lovely girl from France and thought wtf am I doing????

~ by Duma Key on May 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Amsterdam”

  1. I’m pleased you asked yourself that question Duma
    Welcome Back
    Now the real inner work begins!
    How do I know that?
    Beacuse you asked yourself the Question!

    • Been thinking it for a while, just the weekend brought it home!!! I thought it could be as simple as slipping back but I can’t too much has changed that life was my past….yet tomorrow seems so big and so Lonely, !!!

      • Those first steps are. But you are taking them and you will master them. You should read Stuart Wildes books. Look him up. I’m just re reading the Quickening.
        And your lonely steps will no longer seem so alone when you see how many make those first steps.
        You then will see why you had to crawl before you could walk.
        Then you can Run! And no one will catch you for you will then be flying! 🙂

  2. read – will be back after work *hug* glad you are back and safe.

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