This is who we are

Tick tick tick…….I thought it was ok……I thought I could do this…..but I can’t ……my blood is black… eyes are dark and I can’t let you walk.

I tried and I tried but you just stole from me, not even like you didn’t know what you were doing!

No where to run no place to hide…..I am more evil, then the dark side off you….and I am coming day by day….fuck being nice…..fuck normal…..I am who I am!

~ by Duma Key on May 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “This is who we are”

  1. The choice is always ours. There’s a Darkside in each of us. The trick of seeing who we are is when we face our reflection. We often do not like what we see.
    But We are the ones who Feed the Dark Wolf. Or not. The choice always lies within ourselves Duma. We have the choice to change or not. The Demons within are within us all. We either choose to be their slaves or we beat them back. By choosing not to be dragged into their Pit of distruction. For believe me. They destroy lives. With additions! Depression! And Anger!
    When you cry out into the night. Know too its only You who gives them power over you.
    Be strong!
    You can win
    Its whether you want to or not. Only You have the choice! In letting the Past go.
    Sending you my thoughts

    • Probably not been the best week or so, to be fair since the twins birthday I have inadvertently been brooding over the negative, thinking over the way things were and breeding I guess like a bacteria in a wound that I thought had healed.
      In one sense I think its good, in so far as I never used to bother about this stuff, travelled my life with out need for emotion, it only slows you down.
      At the same time this “Bacteria” slipped back in started to breed and expand….negativity only leads to more of the same and I guess I was consuming myself.
      So many changes recently, but has also left an emptiness….a missing gear.
      Mixed with this black mist that engulfs my mind at the moment, not the best combination.

      Holding on when I should be letting go……I need to break the chain.

      Thank you for your comments and your thought print

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