Come the morning light

I really need to get more active on here, though truth be known I often come and write, but lose my words in waves of thought and once more the screen lays empty and my words lost, washed away by tides of time for ever gone.

I wrote some posts on change then must have forgotten to save them.

The last couple of days have not been easy days and I am starting to wonder if flushing the happy pills so drastically and against advice was such a good idea.

Waves of darkness have flooded my mind, the whole world is a blur and I feel like I am spinning further and faster out of control.

There was no trigger really for the darkness that descends my mind, it’s just come and refuses to leave.

Trying to stay positive, focused is hard in a world full of negatives and I struggle to breath.

Finished work at 9am yesterday morning, the whole world seemed to be against me, everything was a struggle, I came home found beer and drank, not done that in a while.

Browsing through the TV guide on my sky, searching for something to keep my thoughts happy, (when blackness comes, my thoughts become restless, unhappy and destructive) I stumbled upon the Jeremy Kyle show.

Broken people, leading broken lives, throw it all out on a stage. Girl comes, boyfriend cheats, will always cheat, lie detector results prove he has cheated again, he denies, she faine’s sadness but forgives him, because she “Loves” him….and on and on it goes…..empty promises never again……six months later it all starts again…..on and on, round and round trapped in this void.

This “Love” thing is strange, it’s not love but broken dreams, searching for an ideal that will never be a reality.

There was a pure love, simple and unconditional… was always there…….in the beauty of its simplicity……but eyes that never saw, found a dream that will never be….and so the cycle begins once more……not love, my friend…..but broken dreams.

Searching now for something more, the hunger inside me burns….nothing is as it was…..nor as it will be…..simple and pure… it should be.

This makes no sense…….yet every sense……

This is a song to say goodbye.


~ by Duma Key on May 10, 2013.

3 Responses to “Come the morning light”

  1. Dumma, the waves of Darkness will seem more prevalent at this time as the New Moons energies are holding us in the letting go phase.. At the moment we need to be watchful of our thoughts for the power to manifest them is being given a greater Push… So try to keep them on the positive of where you want to be.. not from where you have been…

    My apologies I have not been visiting regular. I have curtailed many of my outward visits as I have been re-adjusting my own energies of late..

    You know my door is always open should you wish to have a rant.. Remember I have been on the ‘happy pills’ and understand totally how hard it is to pull yourself back up..

    Love and Blessings ~Sue

  2. Hi Dumma, I have left you a link here on Lee Harris site.. I subscribe to his Youtube videos which hold his views on the Months energy forecasts, This is his blogsite which hold the transcripts of his Videos…

    I have always found what he has to say is spot on with much of how we are feeling.. So I hope you do not mind if I leave you the link.. This months one I think you will relate to..

    ~Take Care ~Sue

  3. This “Love” thing is strange, it’s not love but broken dreams, searching for an ideal that will never be a reality.

    Well said…

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