Going to be a long day….

Final night shift of the week followed by a slightly extended period of time off, but today is going to be one long day.

Finish here and then doing a favour for a friend by covering at his shop (complicated story)……last time I did this I awoke to a text from “S” with all that bullshit about her and…..I am not even going to waste my words by going back over that.

Anyway 12 hours in the office and 6 plus hours at the shop…..No sleep…..Hmmmm think I must be mad!

The snow is still quite heavy here, though its dormant now and so far no longer falling from the sky’s.

Feels like a marching band keeping its own beat in my head right now, not sure if it is a side effect from dropping the happy pills so radically, but the dosage I was on rather high, so I guess my body is trying to re-adjust, or lack of sleep!

After finishing there I have an invite for sunday dinner…..Ha at least this time I will actually get a meal…..Ochhhhh little bitchy there……but tact isn’t my strong point at this time in a morning!

Got a message out the blue from a girl I used to see a long time ago the other day followed by the inevitable Facebook friend request…..Not sure if I will accept, she is a part of my life that’s better left in the past…..Proper bad girl…..and I mean bad! I always liked the bad girls…..probably because there was never really any commitment or prospects of a future, weird how I kind of want that now…..commitment……the whole settle down thing….though I am far from ready to get into something right now….Still it may be nice to catch up……though I must remind myself not to bed her……thats when it gets complicated!

My birthday tomorrow as well…….!

Bit of a waffle today…………sorry  😦



~ by Duma Key on March 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Going to be a long day….”

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, But it seems you did just fine, and you are learning fast about complications! 😉 – Take care..

  2. Happy Birthday, Duma.

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