First night!

First night back at work this week so looking forward to 9am when I can go home and sleep! I like the solitude of the office at night, that deathly silence often helps me think, clear my mind.

Strange times at the moment, learning new things, control and realisation that some things are just the way they are and some people are far beyond any comprehension of what one would deem as normal, may be I too once was in that realm.

Its is through our actions and interactions with others that we grow and learn, though every action, every thought there is a chain set in motion that spins our worlds either way, good or bad…..!

Over at the house yesterday sorting some things, stood up suddenly and caught the corner of my head on the corner of a shelf. Once I would have felt uncontrollable anger and ripped that shelf from the wall, smashed it up…..Now I take control, breath and let it go……even learning to control my wild and crazy temper!


~ by Duma Key on March 21, 2013.

7 Responses to “First night!”

  1. All good signs,, even the head bashing is the Universe in a way echoing your thoughts… We often beat our self up, and I’m often reminded as I bang into a door or corner of the cupboard… The Universe is saying hey! I can beat you up as well…. So these little ‘Signs’ come along to knock a little sense into us.. Yes life is painful, Yes we take the knocks… But as you are so now finding our Duma as you grow and learn from those knocks that the more we rant and shout with rage.. All we get back is more of the same.. So learning from our pain means next time you duck! lol and seriously my friend I am well pleased with how your first night went… For you are opening up your awareness to who you are and you are now not who you were! 🙂 Great progress … Great! 🙂

    • I am hoping for not to much of the bashing lol……I had a good old bruise and cut for days after that!

      • Ouch! Hope you are healing both on the outer and inner realms Duma, 🙂

      • Slowly finding my way…..not an over night process but more a path of discovery healing and health!

      • The slow way is the best way Duma, I know… those who say they are over it are often only denying themselves, You are doing really well and I feel your strength growing with each post..
        Keep taking those Deep breaths and pulling in the ‘light’ it works as you build up your energy and heal your emotional chakra’s,

      • The only way is the long way, to resolve the things inside I spent my life running from, to heal properly and take each step at a time.
        I see people that say the words but fall short of meeting the goals….go through the motions, just as once I did…..yet now I want more to feel safe and whole in my own skin….to feel happy as me…..and that takes time, mistakes and the long hard walk!

      • Yes you are right, I am still discovering daily who I am, keep taking those steps one at a time, you will get there Duma you will……… Sue

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