Missing links

Been a difficult few days and its burning deep.
Thoughts of the kids, I never realised just how much they mattered and i miss them, kind of hurts not something I have ever known before.
Ok by blood they are not mine but beyond blood it’s every thing guess I am just down today!


~ by Duma Key on March 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Missing links”

  1. *hug*


  2. Duma its only natural that you miss them. They were part of your family for so long. Try and turn if you can your thoughts around to be thankful for the gift of them being in your life. They too were blessed to have you in there lives also. We each have episodes where people come and go. But what is important is that they stay within your heart.
    Sending you a thought or thrEe.
    Sue x

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