Sometimes you just don’t want to blog, or talk, sometimes no matter how much it hurts you have to walk away!
I guess I found love just never knew it…..for there was nothing I wouldn’t do for that one…..every day I would have tried to make it better…..given you the world!
I never saw……never knew!
So many mistakes in my life, so much darkness! What I gave to you was pure, the only time it was ever pure…..though it cuts it sets me free……!
Lost in thoughts of existence this has to matter every second of every day must matter…..I can’t change my past….can’t blame things on other things….my choices my world…..but I have to get better make each day count!
Suddenly everything is different and I grow……never forget or mix up in your lies the purity of my love!
Fuck I learnt to love how did that happen!


~ by Duma Key on February 20, 2013.

One Response to “Absence”

  1. They say there are no mistakes in life… if that is so, then we have to understand we are here to learn from them…. You learnt to love….. and let Go….. a very profound lesson……… and if you learned to love once, someday you will learn to love again, but maybe those mistakes you made first time around will be put to greater use…
    Always sending you a thought and always here, there and everywhere!

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