Just one more day………


I keep telling myself its gonna get better, I can’t be in this place for ever, but it doesn’t and every time something happens to make me feel like I can handle this, something twice as difficult counter balances it.

Still I have to keep trying, keep telling myself that I can get through this, out of it and through to the other side. Still I force myself out of bed make myself get up and do things.

I sometimes wish I could be like these people you see on Jeremy kyle, simple uncomplex, with only the thought of the here and now. Yet I am not, I think on a deep level, I worry over things, if I am right or wrong, how my actions impact others.

I gotta keep fighting…….just keep getting up…….day by day I tell myself I can do this, years ago when I would fight for fun…..and some pocket money……I never went down……..I just kept on getting back up crazier and harder than ever!


~ by Duma Key on December 11, 2012.

One Response to “Just one more day………”

  1. I recently came to the conclusion that my periodic depression is a result of hypoglycemia. There is a lot written about it on the web.

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