Winter Blue


Really not in a very good place right now…….thats all I wanted to say!


~ by Duma Key on December 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Winter Blue”

  1. Hi Duma, hey, Ive been in a similar place and I know it feels dark and lonely, but Duma we are here for you, and others too are there for you… Only you can pull yourself from that place and I know how hard that place is, as it drags us down and down….
    So my friend… if ever you want to just chat.. you know where I am you have my email…
    Take care of YOU

    • Thank you……its strange how in life the people that step forward are more often not the ones you would expect!

      • Duma, I do not pretend to have been in your shoes, but I have walked in a dark place, and it was only the friends and very good family that helped me climb back up and out of the Pit I found myself in..
        I could easily have gone down hill even further and I say this with the utmost respect Duma,
        Answers are NEVER found in the bottom of a bottle, all it brings is more despair and heartache as we slip into a spiral of a never ending black hole…
        So please my friend. even though I know you are suffering the pain and hurts of rejection and are wounded over your last 3 years spent in this relationship, Know that you are a wonderful person and its there loss….
        Some other wonderful person is out there maybe feeling the same as you are.. And someday you may look back having needed to have gone through this experience, so you can help and heal them as the Trusting in another Human being helps heal as you start another relationship.
        And to hear that now I know is not what you want to hear, as your hurt is too raw… But I know as going through a breakdown my self and understanding the reasons now why I went through that experience and others which left me in darkness and self loathing for a time… I Know that it gets better..
        But the only Real person who can help you is YOU… and that takes strength, courage and means you need to still do a lot of soul searching as we look at our reflection and let go of our resentments and anger and hurts…. No one said this journey was ever going to be easy..
        You are the only one who can take yourself through it ..
        Step by step!…
        Blessing to you Duma,

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