Xmas cheer?????

“What are you doing for Christmas?” A question frequently asked of me this time of year! My answer being……sleeping till January the 3rd!

There is no dirty half dead bit of wood covered in cheap crap and flashing lights in my house, and the gawd awful blow up Santa my neighbour has placed between our drives, is running short on days, as I plan on accidentally running it down.

I had plans, even bought stuff, silently looking forwards to it. Then that big black hole opened up and sucked it all away!

I don’t want no festive cheer, or screaming runts howling some gawd awful tune at my door, I just want to sleep the time away!

Happy fucking Christmas………pass the vodka as you close the door and leave.


~ by Duma Key on December 9, 2012.

One Response to “Xmas cheer?????”

  1. This is usually how I pass Christmas D…

    This year is an anomaly for me (you know – the tree and all)

    I am with you on running down the Santa though…

    Wish I was there to pass the vodka and share the guilt (that is of course assuming anyone would miss the Santa – I’m thinking no but you never know)


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