Bad week

Hit me today how tired I am.
I am tired off it all, tired of the running, tired of the games, tired of trying to be what everyone expects of me, of the fake smile the fake life.
Tired of looking for acceptance in the face of a stranger, begging like a dog for the crumbs from the table of normality……and hating the way I need that, hating the fact any sense of anything binds me.
I am tired of been unable to make a choice, needing everyone else to say if its right or wrong……tired of the chaos that is my mind… very very tired of it all……tomorrow I will be strong always tomorrow never today and already I am tired of tomorrow!


~ by Duma Key on November 16, 2012.

One Response to “Bad week”

  1. I hear you, here. I get tired, too. I know the feeling of tiring already of tomorrow!
    You can say what’s right and wrong for you. Not me, her, them, whoever. No one else knows, no matter what they say.

    begging like a dog for the crumbs from the table of normality……and hating the way I need that..
    I have hated this, and hated the need, and the knowing I could never be the “normal” enough, or the “good” enough. But what’s funny is that now there are those that think I am the normal, sitting at the table…I look a certain way, perhaps. Perceptions..
    Never forget that you are uniquely you, someone that no one else can be, with your own gifts and talents and chemistry, your own words and voice
    that are no one else’s, your own purpose that everyone else will not always see. You know, if no one was ever “different”, and if no one ever did anything or thought anything “differently” than what most do, no one would ever do anything, or at least nothing new or original. There would be no art, no new songs, no revelations or inventions. Everything would just be, “normal.” You know, think about it…if people were always content, what would there be to do but pretty much chew our cud?
    Maybe you just aren’t a cud chewer. Maybe you are here for something more.
    I hope that things get better for you, and that maybe you find some comfort in knowing “normal” isn’t everthing.

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