Saturday thoughts

So I have completed the new Assassins Creed on the playstation vita in less than 4 days, even by my standards that’s some serious game time.
I forgot how much I like my game time, in fact there is a lot I forgot.
Running inside my mind now, far from the things that haunt me, sitting around in a bath of self pity, wallowing in anguish, just ain’t my style…….never one to remain static, I don’t want to end up locked in time, gathering dust like Miss Haversham in that Dickins book.
You can stop the clocks but you can’t ever truly stop time, it marches on against our will abated by death.
5 mile run this morning, first time in an age, another thing I forgot, not as good a performance as I am used to, no where near my normal levels, but it’s a start, everything has to start some where.
I walk from the shadows, that have haunted my mind for so long, I need to breath again before I suffocate in silence, every thought like every action was wasted and lost on you.
My choice, my way…….I would wish you well, but I actually don’t give a toss if you sink or swim, wasted to much time, emotion and thought already.
Content in the silence now of me, I start a new journey with out a second glance
Phone idle on the side now, calls ignored, texts unanswered your number erased…..your message history gone… regrets.


~ by Duma Key on November 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Saturday thoughts”

  1. That’s more like it!! Great! πŸ™‚ onwards and forwards πŸ™‚ enjoy creating a Great future

  2. I bet you look good out of those shadows…..

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