When all that’s left is words!!!



~ by Duma Key on October 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “When all that’s left is words!!!”

  1. Well Duma I think you managed to express those few well chosen words clear enough. Now that’s off your chest why not start to create a New Chapter with a different ending. Remember Thoughts Create Words and Words put into Action cause a Reaction. Choose to be Happier as you let go of the past.
    We all have the chance to start living right Now in the NOW. So hope you can now create a NEW Beginning as you learn to let go of the OLD.
    My energy is with you. For Today is a Brand NEW Day
    Blessings Sue

  2. In order to open new doors….one day…you will have to let this go….the anger….the hurt…the bitterness….just let it go….its only then you can move on….hugs

  3. I have said these words…but always remember, whenever you will love, you will never lose. Hold that close to you.
    As always, you speak from your insides, honestly. Be well,

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