Little rant I guess!!!

Its 2:15am Sunday morning, the world outside is silent what would normally be a vibrant office environment now rests in peace, poised on the edge of tomorrow. I love the tranquility and isolation this time of night brings.
I am trying out my new toy, I bought a Google nexus 7, torn between this and the iPad. I am starting to get a little fed up with Apple and the controlling nature of there products. It took me over 3 hours last week to do add a CD to my iTunes and sync it to my iPhone so as to be able to play it in the car.
Its crazy that such a simple task should prove so troublesome, iTunes asked to copy the CD, I agreed and it should have been that simple, however iTunes then placed each track as a separate item in my library. One CD created 13 new items and not one album, I then had to search the internet to figure how to put the tracks into an album…… to discover I needed to go into each track and change some things!
I am no expert but its seems mad to me, that it won’t just copy one CD.
I also bought some music from iTunes, paying comparably the retail price of the CD, to later discover that even though I have paid for the music, I don’t actually own it, like I would do a CD.
So I buy the files but they are not mine, I pay retail price but don’t really get anything for it!!! I CD you have a physical product, via iTunes store you have a file you don’t own. Plus again it has to be cheaper to send a file than make a CD, so why do I have to pay full price?

They wonder why there are so many illegal downloads out there, I don’t mind paying for music, films and books, I just hate feeling like I am being ripped off!

I have an iPhone, but again they are so over priced, £500 pounds plus for a new one, which apple controls. There is no way it costs near that to make, given they use cheap labour factory’s to make these things!!! Pay pence an hour for labour, and cream off millions by ripping us off!!!!

While I am on the subject another thing I noticed is how when a new Apple product comes out……..suddenly the older ones slow down, develop problems! My old iPhone 3GS suddenly got slow, started lagging as the iPhone 4 came out! My iPhone 4s seems to be using the battery twice as fast over the last week or so…….strangely in time for the launch of the iPhone 5…….. coincidence or clever ploy on Apples part to once more force our hand, get more cash out of our pockets???!

OK so this post kind of turned into a rant…….I was just seeing how this tablet works with WordPress and got a little carried away!!!!

Owwwww and another thing Apple fell out with Google, so that took my Google maps away and you tube replacing maps with imaps that don’t even work half as well!
Type Doncaster into imaps and see what it comes up with!!!!!


~ by Duma Key on September 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Little rant I guess!!!”

  1. Welcome to the world of illusion.. for that is what it all is.. we are here to buy~to work and plough back those earnings into the system of Control..Once you get to see the Bigger picture you understand that your assumptions are correct..
    I deleted iTunes from my computer.. unfortunately at every turn we are being watched via our actions as we click here and click there .. YouTube is a prime example.. as it sees what type of Video I watch in my YouTube account it presents me with similar subjects I may be interested in watching.. Yes we are all of us cogs … But we all of us keep buying! … in a world of gadgets that without the Power of Electric would be useless..

    Now there’s a thought! I wonder what we would all do without our gadgets and which one would we miss the most.. ???

    • We do seem to rely on our gadgets and toys too much these days. I find myself more and more dependent on things, so much so my phone creates a hotspot from which I can connect my laptop, tablet, vita etc to the internet and be online in seconds no matter where I am. At all hours I get work e-mail, no longer just when I log on at my desk…… it eats away at my free time and my mind!
      We seem to be getting tracked more and more on what we do online, 1984 by George Orwell springs rapidly to mind at this point…… laws snook in under the banner of anti terrorism……. and more and more controls are placed on the internet!!! Info is shared……for example I have a land line, I only use for my broadband, I don’t even know the telephone number…….I requested my number not be in a directory yet suddenly I get sales calls…… I never even use the line……. same with my personal mobile number, I never give it out sticking to my work mobile yet again I get texts and calls from people trying to sell me things or ask about the accident I never had……. how do they get this info????? I have asked, complained and yet no one can answer!!!! Freedom is an illusion we simply sit as puppets…… controlled and manipulated by a system that’s lost touch with itself………I often think Marx was right in his works but not his conclusion…….the rise will come but it won’t be as he predicted………unrest grows I see it in my work, I read it in the words and my not so good side feels and sees it on the streets!

      • Yes your intuition is reading the climate, but you know you need space! Freedom from Gadgets… Ive had a bout of flu you may laugh as I had not long ago said I think to yourself that I hadn’t been ill in over 4 yrs, my hubby thinks its even longer than that.. While I felt so ill I decided I couldn’t concentrate on the Pc and didnt want to feel the pressure of even answering comments so I altered my comments to publish themselves and that commenter’s needed to be logged into WP, which cut out a load of Spammers, I get hundreds,,, And yes my Spam box in my private email is getting far more Spam..

        The thing Im trying to get at is we feel under pressure so often to perform, to be the top of our Game.. I know from my previous Job How I worked my way UP the Ladder until a nervous break-down took its toll..
        We have to create ME Time.. with out Gadgets..
        Sooo I enjoy walking and I enjoy painting.. so while I was Ill I painted I just sat and lost myself for a whole day.. and its wonderfully refreshing to the spirit..
        No wonder you cannot sleep, you need to cut off from your work.
        I gave my job my all and was gutted to the core to find I was just a number like any one else when they closed our place down and sent the work over-seas.. and was doubly gutted to know I had helped create the training for over-seas standards too.
        But thats Life.. in the PROFIT World ..
        Im now in the world of people and CAREing where People come first.. and its a great feeling to be part of..

        Yes we are all puppets in this world of Illusion, but we can cut the strings if we want too. 😉

  2. I am technically challenged and even my 9 year old knows how to do itunes on her Ipod and I have no clue….I just like to text and take pictures on my phone….I am so easily pleased that way….yea…I am no help on this blog….so will just wave and hope you are feeling better these days

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