Need to make some changes in my life, it’s just I am stuck on yesterday and I guess I don’t want to let it go.
Stuck between tomorrow and yesterday, time moves outside the void and slips away, while I wait and wait…..
The future could hold so much, if only I can clamber over my own stumbling block.
Some say the key to personal happiness is first in self acceptance, admitting this is who I am, facing embracing changing and evolving….but after so many years of trying to shake this tyre of my back, I don’t think I can turn around and do this!
I guess there is something I need to say but I can’t.
Write the words press post and move on………I wish I could.


~ by Duma Key on September 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Change is so difficult isnt it?….you read about ways to do it….people give you advice…but taking the step and doing it…not so easy…only you can be ready…only you can decide to move forward…either way…you have people around you that care and will stay by ya…

  2. The past can be tricky. It can lead us to believe we were once very happy, when in fact, we were struggling just as today. The things we choose to remember is what matters. Forget about the sad times, and search for the good within ourselves. We all have it, we just need to find it.

    Change can scary, be it is also the only way to progress. We can’t expect life to change if we don’t change the way we think first.

    There is hope. The not yet written. Choose to dwell on the things that bring you joy– and you’ll attract more joy. (-:

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