Out for lunch

Three hours sleep in two days, has an adverse effect on the mind, I think I have passed the point of sleep, stepped out of reality for a while……the lights are on but no ones home….the sign on the door reads “gone for lunch”

One more night to get through, though the endless reams of paper decorating my desk, indicate otherwise. Just got to hold on to 9am. The solitude of night bodes so much better with me and the words all become one endless harmonious chorus playing long into the dead and silence of the night.

So much spins through my mind, so many thoughts and memory’s and finally I am holding on to something, something emerging from the darkness of me, something new, something different taking shape and form, with out realising these last few years I have changed so much!
The hurt, the pain, the bitter sting of silent regret slip from my grasp and I seem to be drawing more, looking deeper and I don’t want to be held by the paint from her brush, tainted by the varnish of her false skin, holding on to nothing but emptiness and regret. I want to be free, I am free and I don’t hate or feel bitter, just sad for all you lost, sad for you never saw, sad you will rest there for eternity trapped in your own design as bitterness like acid eats away your very core……I can’t save you from yourself but I thank you for all you made me see!




~ by Duma Key on August 11, 2012.

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