From my phone!

Ok so I have this major new update on my phone for WordPress, not sure on what I think so far……….
A lot of it seems not to work hmmmm!
Just a trail post to see how it comes out!


~ by Duma Key on August 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “From my phone!”

  1. Well it got delivered to my email on phone and I’m answering via phone. Only probs I have is by the time I click send the pages often need refreshing and I lose my comments. I haven’t uploaded the WP apps so let us know how it goes

    • The iPhone app has always been ok, just a little difficult to work with at times…’s like writing a text message using it to write a post!
      Though I guess useful for catching moments when your out and about something strikes that you want to blog, or killing a little time while waiting around!
      The new version brings in the reader so useful for me to catch up, when I have my laptop out, I normally am engrossed in work and miss the time to read up!
      Push notifications hopefully can bring improved interaction!

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