Monday thoughts

Managed to sleep for a few hours today, not so sure if I feel better or worse!
Just one more night then I am off for 4 days, though I have a mountain of things to get through 9am tomorrow morning can’t come quick enough.
Ordinarily I enjoy my job just this last week, I have been off balance a million miles from where I should be.
The rain has eased today, rare blue sky now dominates the landscape, its easy to forget the natural beauty of this place amidst the man made fabrics we call progress……I guess one day nature will lay claim to all we built and once more replace the ugly with her beauty!!!



~ by Duma Key on July 30, 2012.

One Response to “Monday thoughts”

  1. what a beautiful blue….progress or no progress…thats a beautiful sky…I used to think here where I live in Wisconsin…there is no bluer sky than here….could just go lie on the grass and lose myself in that blue….course I like to do that at the waterside too….or a big rock in the middle of a forest…sometimes just a peaceful quiet time to ponder brings moment of clarity to our lives…enjoy your days off ….

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