The sun shines bright, working through the night once more, somehow the absence of people and life bodes well for me.
I have hardly slept today and the fatigue begins to chew at my thoughts and devour my mind.
I should have gone to church this morning, in fact I have not been for a while, may be I am lacking that, though I am too far gone to ever be saved.
I am today lost in yesterday for ever living in tomorrow.
My mistake was to think I could pick that rose and never get caught by the thorns……’s always been there as clear as day,I now see it all, the clues to the puzzle and as the picture emerges I see that I can never be that way!



~ by Duma Key on July 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. No one is lacking.. and not everyone needs to go to a Church to pray.. And isn’t every one worth saving? 🙂
    Sue Dreamwalker

  2. Lovely picture….and you need a good shot of belief and confidence in yourself…no one is ever too far gone…enjoy the sunshine and feel the warmth in yourself…ok?

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