I have been thinking a lot of late, off the pointlessness of it all, of this constant need for a belief in something, something anything to make the meaninglesness of it all hold some meaning.

“We wait, We are bored. No Don’t protest, we are bored to death, there is no denying it. Good. A diversions comes along and what do we do?

We let it go to waste……In an instance all will vanish and we’ll be alone once more, in the midst of nothingness!”

Samual Beckett

With out a belief in something, we hold nothing, we exist in a world so far lost that it has no purpose, we destroy all around us, we destroy ourselfs and life becomes one long endless waiting game, waiting for nothing, nothing but the end.

I guess that’s all life is waiting for the end, hanging around in the vast, empty, meaninless nothing of the something we try to carve, in the beginning it was nothing, in the end it will be nothing, just those few vital seconds we hang on to it, what ever it it, gives it some slant of meaning, some form of recognition before once more, it falls to nothing as the end falls.

We spend our whole lifetimes waiting for something, anything, with out really getting it. People come and go, relationships start and end, we build familys, houses, whole social systems just to do something while we wait for the end.

Its all so fucking pointless, life is pointless, the sytems we live in are pointless, the things we fight and kill for pointless, it all means nothing we are simply waiting…waiting for the end, killing time in the process.

We let life go to waste, as we try to live with out ever really seeing the meaning of living itself.

Even with belief we do nothing to ease the emptiness, instead we let it consume us, we destroy and twist the very core of truth itself, to justify our own shallow belief, to hide the fact that deep down we know, its all pointless, meaningless, nothing.

Fired up on belief we start wars, kill innocents, wreck lifes and all for what? For nothing, some misplaced view of what is right and wrong that so often changes just as eaisly as the weather.

But then with out belief what are we left with? The enivatble emptiness of nothing just that long wait till the end, however you dress it up we are all fucked.


~ by Duma Key on June 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pointless”

  1. I guess this is where the “faith” comes in for me…I have faith in each day…even if one day does not bring all I wish…I have faith and I believe tomorrow is a new day with new discoveries…I love life…I love dreams…I love to believe in life and others and myself…and I have faith…hope…life is nothing without it…

    • I think you have to have something, otherwise it all just falls apart. I am just finding myself more and more wondering what I am doing here……may be I lost something…….just seems so pointless right now!

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