Monday morning!

Second night at work almost over and I am so ready for 9am and some sleep. The best thing about my job is that at 9am on a monday morning when the rest of the world is groaning and rolling  into work, I am signing out for the day and going home to bed.

Sleep yesterday was rather uncomfortable, it wasnt that I didn’t sleep as such, but it was more the kind of sleep I had, that kind of broken light sleep, where you are not deep enough to feel sleep, but not awake enough to be fully alert, so the sounds from the real world penetrate through, you here the doors opening and closing, the neighbours car starting and pulling out the drive way, the postman rattling the letter box, real world sounds that become mixed in the filter of reality though you hear them and know them, in that place between sleep and consciousness they somehow become lost and distorted, out-of-place and wrong.

I kept waking up, I recall waking at 12:45 thinking it was much later and I needed to be up, I was relieved when I looked at the clock to find it was only 12:45 and I could sleep some more, I guess sleeping in the day plays weird tricks on your body and your mind.

I finally gave in and got up at 3pm, shower, smoke then out till it was time to leave for work.

I am still battling with this thing in my mind at the minute, I just can’t seem to find anyway to place it, anyway around it like a cancer its eating away at my thoughts draining my mental resources, I am kind of worried that if I give in I may like it, but then could end up loosing something else and I just don’t know what to think.

I am hoping the time now passes quickly till 9am so I can leave uneventful, not have to speak to anyone and get home and sleep, I really don’t feel like talking to anyone at the minute…..I guess I could get drunk then I wouldn’t have to think for a while, plus I would sleep!

Second night almost done, 2 more to go 9am Wednesday morning can not come soon enough!


~ by Duma Key on March 19, 2012.

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