Drunk again

And I am drunk again, I don’t want to be drunk, I don’t want to feel like this 😦 but it’s easier this way…..

~ by Duma Key on February 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Drunk again”

  1. *small nod*

    It will end D – right now you just need time to stop mattering so much.

    The booze makes it more forgiving – less of a burden to spend it feeling like you are alone in it.

    You aren’t btw – alone that is – but it feels like it at first.

    *hug* and *love* to you…

    I’ll be around if you want me – don’t know your time zone yet is all.


    • Thanks for your thoughts…..so many things need to change…may be I had a taste of life outside the shadow…..the drink has to end……Its most nights now when I am not at work…..some mornings too when I finish work before I sleep!

      • It’s so easy to fall into it – have to admit that there are days I can’t sleep without it (most days actually) as long as you know your reasons – just try to make sure it doesn’t end up owning you D *hug* L.

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