From my car




As much as I dislike our weather, we do get some rare magic moments!


~ by Duma Key on January 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “From my car”

  1. That sky!

    *imagines the moment*


    People think I am weird when I pause to look at the sky change when I am walking….

    I catch them looking back then looking up – wondering what it is that I am seeing.

    Some of them get it.

    The one’s that do will often exchange a smile and move on – knowing that they just shared an intimate moment that will never happen again.

    Like this one.

    Thank you D.



    • P.S…?


      My cat knocked my cranberry juice onto my keyboard last night and some keys are sticking – I noticed that I am missing letters in my comment above…

      Could you please fix it for me?

      I hate looking as dumb as I feel but when you love your cats you let them do all sorts of things you would never let your kids get away with…



      • You could never look dumb, especially not here, often I write with no rules here…I use grammer as a coaster for my drink, spelling as a toy…..that for me is the beauty of blogging…..its free style writing….its close and its personal…it has no rules…..raw and powerful…..the only place one can be free.

        My life fast became about rules, correct grammer, correct…spelling….somewhere the actual writing got lost…..we tell a sonnnet for example it is a sonnet…simply because it sticks to the rules before it…….and somehow we miss something of the beauty…..!

        the sky reminds me of freedom….of who I am….often I stop and look up….breath in what I see….and for one second…that small moment….I am free…..That moment today…..I needed, lost in thought, lost in the world of a new thing I write…..stuck in rules and thinking I cant do this anymore…….Owww and trying to stop smoking! I needed that moment of freedom….and a place to share it….I am glad you like my friend!

  2. These are so beautiful…

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