Playing in the shadows……..

Been thinking a little about music, how certain songs remind us of things, sometimes I only have to play a track to be transported back to that place, that memory, that time….its funny how music can conjuror emotion and feeling.

Sometimes you can hear a track and at that moment its right, this one reminds me of me, I seem to be running a little wild of late…..


~ by Duma Key on January 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Playing in the shadows……..”

  1. * naughty grin*

    I have a theme song D… (my main one)

    Music used to rule my life.


    • Interesting choice of tune.

      I am pretty odd with my music choice, I have different styles for different things, from gangzta to rock….to Lady Gaga and Dido…probably refelects my mixed up state of thought at present

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