New year!

The new years here already life falls back into that same old pattern, the promises we made forgotten for another year.
I need to be more active on here, my promise to this blog! At least one post a week, I have been lacking direction of late!


~ by Duma Key on January 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “New year!”

  1. Hey D?

    Do it if it helps – if it just makes you feel like you have another deadline howling at your door maybe you can post something as a place marker while you think things through?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the music you like or some of the things that interest you the most and if you have made a commitment to yourself for at least one post a week for this year – wouldn’t those count just as much as a post considering they are about you, they are sharing and making connections and they mean something to you?

    I find that when I look at one thing – my thoughts often follow through to what I associate with it and things come out (often whether I want them to or not – but they are there if I decide to notice them and I often write about them when I am prompted by seemingly unrelated things)

    No pressure D – ok?

    I have a feeling you get more than enough of that already it would be a shame if you had to have it piled on you here as well.

    Be well,

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