Just had my tattoo done! Loving it!



~ by Duma Key on December 28, 2011.

11 Responses to “Tattoo”

  1. WOW!


  2. It was a good WOW – looks fantastic!


    • lol…..took a while to find exactly what I wanted….was worried when it started but happy with the end result….You have been silent of late on twitter have been worried about you….hope all is well?

      • *shy* I had a falling out with someone I thought was a good friend a while ago – it has made me feel very sad and I haven’t wanted to talk much since.

        Is that a rosary you have included in your tattoo? (it reminded me of black pearls – I have a very pretty one I keep on my bedside shrine made of white pearls and have been on the look-out for one with the black or silver pearls)


      • People come with many masks, I have seen that many times yet never fell till once!
        The thing that stands out about you is your words your pure and natural light…..think about that!!!!

  3. Part of the desgin, I like that kind of look! Have been thinking of getting another kind of like a crying lady holding a rosary in her hands!

    • I have always liked the pics of the immaculate heart – they can also hold rosary imagery but I thought you would like to see this one because she is pretty. (I have a tiny pic of her in a mini candle shrine – she is for well wishes for a sick friend of mine)


    • RE: ‘Masks’ ?

      I can’t convince myself that my friend wore a mask – only that eventually I am just too difficult to get along with to bother with for very long.

      I don’t really blame them for how they feel or what they believe.

      Endings are sad Duma – that’s all.

      I wasn’t the right person.

      Since I can’t change who I am I just have to accept the loss but it would be disrespectful to not at least mourn what is gone.

      • Endings are always sad, soon I must pull an ending from something I have been putting off for way too long, as new year dawns so to must new beginnings.
        As for friends that slip away, surely it should be the whole of you they see and accept, close friendships take time are possibly harder than relationships, require effort, thought and reassessment constantly, its about a whole of a person not just a part, and acceptance should never be that easy to walk away from.
        You should never think you are not worth it or you are too much hard work, it is that very complexity of you that draws special light to loose that would be too lose you!

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