Cold light of day

Two sessions a day at the gym now, pushing harder and faster than ever.
Need to cut out the drink, been drinking far to much of late, didn’t realise just how much I have been drinking, I guess everything seems better with a drink, till the cold light of day bites.


~ by Duma Key on September 2, 2011.

One Response to “Cold light of day”

  1. Hi there old friend! I think most people would be reading these entries (and you living them) would be feeling sad for you, but I can’t be sad … no no … not when I see such a difference, not when I see that you have finally been able to open your heart, to accept the pain, the know the reality of what it feels like to try so much when all is falling around you.

    You have always been such an enigma to me, someone who I ‘read’ so much of my own soul into, someone who relates and understands … we are growing my friend, growing and changing and creating ourselves.

    You have to make mistakes, you have to try and lose, you have to feel pain … real pain caused by the present and not some distant past … to be truly human.

    For a long time, just like me, you seemed devoid of emotion, seemed unable to move on from the hurt of your childhood but bit by bit your doing it. Your openess here about your life, about your love is enpowering!

    We are **not** creatures, we followed the fragile winds that blew around us – we are alive Dumakey, we are living … even in the darkness, even in our wilderness it is possible to be touched – for me, thats simply beautiful!

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