Sad today, Wednesday had become ice skating day for the kids and I.
This week she has not even bothered to get in touch, I left things with let me know either way……and nothing.
That hurts…….
Off to the gym now, my body already aches from yesterdays work out, pushing to hard and too fast…..but it helps shut out my thoughts and equates the pain in my mind……
And if one more person tells me it gets easier…..as the days pass!


~ by Duma Key on August 31, 2011.

6 Responses to “Missing”

  1. Working out helps the body, mind and spirit. Concentrate on your breath too. The kids are really loosing out on a great friend, and perhaps the only father figure they know. I hope she realizes this and the relationship with you and the children continue. Peace, Light and Love, C.

    • Thank you my friend, your words of enlightenment always add enhancement. Whilst I am working out my body and am also kind of finding a strange spirtual alliance…..puzzles me much….but time will tell.

  2. I am the last one in the world who is going to try and tell you it gets easier as the days pass…


    I will leave you a hug and hope that you don’t hurt yourself too much at the gym though.

    Luv n’ stuff,

    • Pushing hard at the gym, helps keep my mind on focus and the dull body ache I feel for the rest of the day….calms my ravid mind.
      Hope you are well my friend and as I have said you know how to contact me, should you wish to talk……

  3. I didn’t know men could feel the same way as women for unrequited love. I know it’s easier said than done, but time does heal , and as sure as the sun is up there, it will get better in time.

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