Often I find people difficult to understand, when you think you know someone, really know someone only to discover the reality is just a mask of lies and deceit.
A very public image of a world that never was and never could be. As the layers get peeled back, the puzzle unfolds and what you find beneath is a far cry from the reality of what you thought you saw.
The person beneath is not what you thought you knew, I find myself wandering now in this kind of semi reality struggling with what I see and the depth of how far she went.
Standing on the doors of my club, I see them come and go, I see the weak, the sad and the lost. They come, they go, often with a helping hand.
My boys watch me, I watch them, we never know who conceals a gun or knife……this is a real danger we face, a real danger we see, there are not many old men in our game! This danger we can handle.
The danger I face now, runs much deeper, one I never saw coming, her lies and her games …..face of an angel that masks the rot beneath, I am stung from a place I never saw.


~ by Duma Key on August 14, 2011.

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