Truth and Thought – Second Life Day 3

Yet another day lost to my project on second life, this weird kind of dance with reality, a reality with in a reality that’s only limits are the boundless limits of my imagination linked with that of the thousands of others……it’s like an endless possibility where anything can be, and truth in its own form can live.

This kind of second online persona that I have created has got me thinking, really thinking about the realm of truth and self and its role on reality.

There is this world inside a world, linked via wires, cables and internet portholes that allows us not only to connect but to escape the rules and everydayness and create a boundless, endless word of possibilities, the whole thing fascinates me.

It’s got me thinking more and more about truth, not the mindless concept so often thrown about in this crazy place we exist, but the actual reality of truth, the truth of who we are. In this second life game I can be anything or anybody that I want to be, there are whole communities of people that live an alternative life style, online in this kind of subliminal version of reality, that in many ways are living the reality of a life they cannot live in the real world. It’s all kind of messed up, mixed up and somehow wrong, yet strangely right.

Think about it you have people living a true and real life, in a fantasy world, and a fantasy life in a real world, it’s almost like there is a gaping hole in the fabric of reality and the reality of this world is slipping through into a fantasy world, where the real world becomes just an image, and the fantasy world the reality.

Life is this constant battle between image and self, where we spend so much time building an image of what we want others to see, that we lose the ability to see self. We all seek acceptance, we all, no matter who we are want on some level to fit in, we seek out others like ourselves, life becomes this constant adjustment of image and we surround ourselves with a world of image, that day by day drifts further from ourselves. Its inbuilt, kind of our self-survival mechanism, kicking in…..yet in this madness of living in a real world, we actually forget to live.

Just how honest are we with ourselves? And others around us? We all have those deep dark secrets, that we cannot share with the world, we all have elements of our own identity that we struggle with, yet in order to gain a true inner and outer happiness, me must accept and build character around the self and not the image.

I know I myself have become more and more distracted from the reality of me, drifted further and further away, that often these days I look into a mirror and see the face of a stranger looking back at me, and wonder who or what this person is that I have become.

Ponder this, for another blog I read and participate on…..Just how true are we? As part of an experiment I have asked 3 real time friends to pose a question about me, to me, can be anything the task then is to answer the question, with truth and reality, with self not image and even before the questions are posed, I know that the answers I give will be an image the reflects the image that I portray to them, for fear of exposing a weakness, exposing something about self.

Several of the blogs participants are doing the same thing, and in the reality of this world would be interesting to see the actual unreality of who we are.

Now spin it around, pose the same thing in Second Life? I think we may find the answers that are given are real……a reality with in a fantasy and an fantasy with in a reality…..kind of scary if you really stop and think about it!

As I wander around Second Life, I stop and talk to passing strangers, they give me gifts, talk to me about things, give me help and advice, (I am after all only 3 days old in that world), in this world if I stopped and spoke to a passing stranger they are liable to label me as strange and ship me off to the nearest loony bin! One the one hand we have this need, on the other hand we have this desire for acceptance and the two do not bode well together.


~ by Duma Key on July 30, 2011.

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