Second Life


And So I have joined second life, actually I appear to have lost two whole days to Second Life, it started as a project I was working on, alternative reality, but it has really got me thinking…..In that world I can be anything I want….once day I was just there….and I can make myself look like, act and behave in any way I like…….its like a tiny world inside my computer that is just as real as you or I, but on the same hand, not so real……. My online character, like those from my novels, are only real inside my head……..but is this reality the reality of me? or just a fantasy?

It kind of got me wondering just how much of life is real, how do we know who or what we are, or indeed each other…..for we all create our own version of reality…….all create not just a second life but several lives, several permutations on reality…….it all becomes lost in the mix, all lost in our heads and we are left with no option but to carve another reality…….to hide all the other reality……..


~ by Duma Key on July 28, 2011.

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