Once more I sit before the screen and search out words to fill my page, once more the words I seek no longer come and I am left with nothing but my thoughts, and the endless isolation of the wilderness with in.

Time falls now in jagged fragments, days come and go with out shape and meaning and I have lost all-purpose.

I no longer live in light, I sleep, it is only in the dead of night I rise to live, slipping through the hours of darkness while the normals sleep. I fight now to shut of all power of emotion or feeling, the defences are high no one, gets through, no one gets near and I just want to sleep, slip away be gone.

As I wander through reality I am neither here nor there, but like a shadow waver in and out, I have become incapable of dealing with things, I have forgotten how to smile.

I look in the mirror to the eyes of a stranger stareing back at me, I no longer know who I am, the years and years of changing faces, swapping masks have taken their toll, I no longer am, I no longer breathe, I am dead inside.


~ by Duma Key on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gone”

  1. A dozen things were almost typed here but the only one that would matter right now is ‘I am here, I am reading – I am taking a breath and wishing there was a way I could share it with you’


  2. I am silent, cause I dont know what to say. I am here and I listen.

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