And it’s dark, so dark light is gone, all hope is dead starved of life, and I no longer care. I gave up long ago so long just drifting in the wilderness lost alone. Nothing matters anymore, nothing is important and I burn, burn it all down around me and as one incapable of there own distress just stand and watch.
They come to get me, but run in fear, I am more wild now than I ever was, nothing matters as I stand in the dead of the night harnessing the power of the shadows as I emerge I will become more black more dark than ever before!
The wilderness beckons this is my home, the place I belong, I accept that now and no longer run from it, this is my destiny, this is my life.


~ by Duma Key on December 11, 2010.

8 Responses to “Wilderness”

  1. Through the Wilderness God led His people, he fed them manah from heaven, he also tested them , there is much we can learn in this Wilderness…

  2. what a dark piece, Duma. Brought me right into the darkness with you…

    *hands Duma-key a candle*

    There. 😉

    It’s good to see you writing again..

    • These are dark days with in which I walk! Dark times indeed for I no longer search for light, but draw up the shadows which for so long have plagued me.
      My writing here slips as more and more I become lost in the wilderness for which I write!

  3. “what a dark piece, Duma. Brought me right into the darkness with you…”

    “hands Duma-key a flashlight”

    Here you go. You must put the batteries in 🙂

    I’m delighted that you are writing and socializing online once more….

    Peace, Light and Love always….

  4. There is truth everywhere – words change but truth never does Duma.

    Truth can hide though and when you are in the dark sometimes the lies are the only things that shine – and they do so because of their nature…they are meant to mislead, yes?

    What better way to mislead a person seeking a way out of darkness than to shine the light they have been looking for – even false light is welcomed after living in the dark for so long.

    The truth has a light as well but it doesn’t have to shine as brightly because it does not need to deceive…



  5. I hope you’re doing ok, and that 2011 brings light.

  6. I miss you Duma, I hardly write anymore – everything is so confusing but I miss your words.

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