Its not that I don’t want to, its more I can not. I can’t go back there yet I know I must.

I am not affraid of the dark, but I am affriad of the light….I want it to go…but I can’t, I cant deal with it so I run and yet I know I can’t run for ever…….


~ by Duma Key on July 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mess”

  1. I love darkness more than I love light. Moonlight is more than enough… But whatever it is you’re not dealing with and running away from, it can’t be that bad…

  2. There needs to be a balance between dark and light…one cannot be without the other. Both have their enchantments, their secrets. Perhaps stop running on the fine line where the two meet.

  3. maybe not forever… but, you’d be surprised just how long and how far we can run when we want to…. 😉 i guess, the question is.. why should we run?

    fight or flight…

    sometimes… the fight is worth it…

    good to see you writing Duma.. always a pleasure.

  4. forever is subjective… try to stop running and take in the meaning… like a dream, we know not

  5. It doesn´t matter if you run towards the light for some of us the darkness is so all encompassing that the light can never touch us.

    I wish I had words of encouragement, words of a future so bright and clear, but I know now that the future is the same as the present, the same as the past. Run … keep on running, at least in escape we are free.

  6. Just like morning beckons you each dawn, certainly you know you can not escape the light! Rest your spirit throughout the night, and awaken to a new day my friend. It’s really not that bad – take the leap of faith!

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