When night becomes day………….!

The hours of darkness fall away, as daylight beckons on, gently she nudges the vail of griping night forcing form and shape that marks the hands of time, between the then and now, she pauses, and the world stands still, holding of for one last breath between the forming light and darkness mask.

It’s in this moment, the moment between light and dark that the world becomes confused, shadows twist and change, merging in with solid form, natures mirrors of the skies above pause and for a fleeting moment wipe their surface of all vision and behold only the beauty of the water-bed beneath, light passes through darkness and darkness to night. Two mortal enemy’s of age old time stand face to face and speak no words.

It’s a strange time, that passing from darkness to light, the world seems to breathe in that one fleeting second, her cries and her longing released in an age old ritual, she sheds her pain. All around me, the world sleeps, pauses, rests, nothing moves, nothing stirs, even the wind seems to cease her endless wail. It’s in this moment, that somehow the world feels right, the push and pull of yesterday forgotten and the endless battle of the day to come has not yet once begun.

I am finding more and more the pull of this magical moment, more and more the urge to emerse myself with in it, somehow crossing the lines of reality with the fabric of dreams, stepping through the land of the dead into the land of the light, if you look really hard, see beyond the painted smile, you can see the gap between the old and the new, the line between what once was and what it to come.

If any point, in any day has the perfect edge, this for me is it, when the darkness passes to light, marking the end to bring on the beginning, as the world sleeps, cushioned from the toils of the day, free from the grip of the reality that runs from the fabric of the stream thats spins the words that make the world thats lost its life.

This passing moment, a metamorphosis of life represents for me the forgotten beauty of what life is really about that freedom, that now lost is shaped only by the part now so well written, so entangled in the weeds of rules, the endless paperwork that defines the walls for which we seek to give shape to our existence, that defines our life.

As the light begins to fall, the age old song of birds begins to fill my ears and erode my heart, I pine for the wisdom expressed in their song, I long for the words we have forgotten, for they sing of the true meaning of life, they sing of a song that is lost to our ears, drowned out by the deluge of rules that we seek, to give meaning to the void we have become.

In that moment, that one passing moment between darkness and light, I see myself, the who and what, in that moment the rules are gone, the world stands still,  the pure and real beauty of the reality that lays beyond the reality we carve comes forth and for that moment I am free, cast forth from chains that bind and hold, and I am me and me is I, and nothing really matters……leaving me wondering about death once more.

~ by Duma Key on March 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “When night becomes day………….!”

  1. Perhaps the loathing I feel for things in limbo and unknown should instead fill me with a sense of freedom. With no defining line, boundaries are dropped. Beauty where once was fear?

  2. Your words always read like poetry. Sometimes very sad poetry, but beautiful all the same.

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