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In response to by Disturbed Stranger

In one word describe how you currently see yourself.
One prominent nickname you were given
Wild Child
One strange fact about yourself?
I see the world around the lines, and through the walls
One bad habit?
One thing you can’t tolerate?
One thing that sickens you?
humanity’s desire to persecute all they do not understand
One thing you can’t forgive?
Those that drain from souls of light, for personal gain
You have difficulties with…?
Trust / and myself behind the mask
What turns you on in a man physically?
What turns you on in a woman physically?
Deep eyes, depth of character and great legs!
What is a turn off for you in a man physically?
lack of style
What is a turn off for you in a woman physically?
Uninspired tattoo’s in obvious places
Have you seen the white light at the end of the tunnel?
To many times, in to many places.
One drink you’re never touching again?
How many countries have you visited?
How many countries still on the list?
Too many to name
One word to describe your best friend.
One word to describe your partner.
One word to describe your latest ex.
One word to describe your soul mate.
One word to describe your nemesis.
Your future in one word
Your stranded on an island… One thing you’d want…?
A great book, a few beers and some smokes
One word to describe this tag
One thing you would like to say to the person on your mind right now
The paths in which we move begin to part, the wind begins to rage and time falls for me to fly.

~ by Duma Key on February 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “One Word – Tagged”

  1. Duma, I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am just glad to see you again….smiles and waves and thanks you for sharing a part of yourself…

    • Had a tough few weeks, since last I blogged, death crawls in on morning mists and the world begins to change. I have just not been able to find the words to write, nor the thought to follow, though I have missed being here, reality holds me back.

  3. Its been a long while, glad to see you back :). Thank you for sharing. I hope a day will arrive when reality and dream are ONE.

  4. I feel connected….

    and don’t know what to make of it.

  5. DumaKey… thank you for sharing this. I appreciate the levels reached here… honesty, reality, physical existence… refreshing and interesting all at once, it kind of catches you off guard.

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