The words I seek……. They will not come…..Hours upon hours the screen lays blank, the story untold. I see the vision in my mind, I hear the words they whisper at my window pane, they call my name.

Once more that shadow haunts my door, there is much to tell and miles to go….yet still the words they will not come, they will not flow.

Unbind my tongue, free up my hands that they may fall upon the keys, more an instrument to the words than tools themselves, let the pulse of sweet words flow through my blood as once they did before…..with out those words, with out that pulse, I lay dry, lost, empty, forgotten on the shelf.

Yet still the words they come, with order lost and thought, deep thought some how on the very edge of reason, there is something else that lays beneath, though sight it will not yield….I here its call lost in echos of the words untold, lost beneath the surface of the here and now….something lays beneath, it calls my name….it wants the words I seek and steals them from my lips, my heart and soul, but will not yield.

Pacing round the room……empty pages, empty screen…I can not see the way, but hear the words that back away. It’s the words that brought me on, that hold me back, have I somehow lost the purpose that they seek? The words, always beyond my control they flow and flow, consume and place themselves upon the screen, take mind and body and write themselves….I am just the instrument….the river bed through which they flow, yet now beneath the surface lay another tale that must be told!

Holding a mirror to my eyes and mind, the words they see…they see and see, beneath the trappings and the face of old, but really see what lays beneath….there is a story to tell and miles to go…..woods to walk and thoughts to clear….they know my mind for they are my mind, they know the way.

The words they will not come.

What is hiding now, that I can not see? Why is it blue skies above get lost in darkened clouds?


~ by Duma Key on December 30, 2009.

14 Responses to “Words……..”

  1. Your words are so inspiring, they evoke strong feelings that I would feel lost if I did not read between the lines, which I do. The more I read the more I could see and feel your thoughts… just wonderful, I’m an instant fan.

  2. made me think of this:

  3. This is what Creativity is about.. Words about not having words :). Flowing when you feel you arent flowing. Perfect Yin-Yang. Look up again, Blue Sky is always there, even when they are masked by Darkened Clouds.

  4. Hi Duma,

    Just to let you know that’s me as the first one to comment. It was anonymous because I have you on my bookmarks and I commented without logging in. But that was me. 🙂

  5. I love the last line of this post. Your words read like poetry.

  6. I know this feeling. You captured it well with your words… so, it seems those words came to you after all… ?? 😉

  7. Thankfully, you are so much more than words. I learned long ago not to trust words. Or thoughts. They come, they go. They are never true. Harsh sounding, perhaps, but at best they are only pointers.

    Your post conveys the beauty of you… the energy just sings. What could be more perfect than that? 🙂

  8. Even when you have nothing…you still have something…

    blue skies may be lost beyond the clouds….but the thing about clouds is…they float away eventually….the sky is constant…I can wait until the clouds go…and we can sit beneath them and define their shapes and maybe they wont seem as dark…

    hugs you in the new year…

  9. Time to sit quiet in this familiar place. They come, they go…it seems to be the way of words.

  10. Words have that nature, the harder you try to grasp them the farther they move but come and sit on your shoulder when you don’t mind them.

  11. yes, it seems as if sometimes words are a spirit above and
    around the body unable to articulate or perhaps it is me
    at times unable to decipher what needs to be written.

  12. What lays beneath? We never really know……because the words never stop. They are our blessing and our curse. We breathe out when the page is full only to find the book has only just begun. Fly above the clouds until there is nothing but blue….even just for a moment. xxx

  13. My dear friend… the words are here… and I feel them… they are strong and beautiful and full of energy… can you see them? Can you feel them? I do and I am thankful for them from you. Blessings.

  14. Well you seriously made the phrase “silence sometimes means a lot than words” come true. Beautifully expressed.

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