Behind the Mask

  Behind the mask, haunting shadows lay of the lost and untold, of the forgotten and unknown. Slip aside the mask of time, stand and stare with in the mirror of life, and what do I see?

The eyes of a stranger that stare back at me.

The more I search for some form of recognition, the more lost I become, the more unknown to me, I am. For so long now have I shifted face to face, mask to mask, place to place, that I have lost myself, the mask I wear, has become the image that I see, and what ever lay beneath is now so far gone, so alien to me that I no longer see or understand.

When the world is at bay, the doors are locked and blinds are drawn, when the air is filled with shadows, when its safe, alone, I slip aside the mask and wonder at what lays beneath. In this place, in this time, words no longer fall, image becomes but a flicker in the candle light of time. 

Here in this space, locked away from the world, a place where no one See’s, no one comes, safe from harm, I stand and stare at what lays beneath, I stand and stare at the face of a stranger. Locked deep with in the eyes shadows play out life’s once lived, images I have been, places I have seen, the differing masks of the differing parts of me.

This place I stand holds no need for words, its raw and ready, naked and dark, only truth lays here, not even the protection of the mask I wear can keep me safe from me.  The eyes of the stranger stare back at me. It knows who I am, who I have been, it knows the answers to the questions I pose, but refuses unbecomingly to give me a clue.

To far from the tree have I fallen, to even know where I begun, what I am, lost with the apples and the oaks I grow, searching for me behind the ever changing mask of today, with the wind of realisation blowing through my branches, breathing through my leafs, whispering the words that echo in the night……..

 “Who am I?”

~ by Duma Key on December 10, 2009.

27 Responses to “Behind the Mask”

  1. I hope that the catharsis of writing brings you closer to knowing the stranger. Blessings.

  2. The step to knowing is to first ask the question….smiles..

  3. Writing really is a nice way to find out more about ourselves. I hope, one day, you’ll know the person beneath the mask, and you will see that you are wonderful. At least what I know.

  4. i am in searching about the real me inside too, and this afternoon i met an old friend, and she made me realize that the real person in each soul divided into 4 categories. First, the person that I knew well and others saw the same opinion about me, Second, the person which others saw but I never thought it was me. Third, the person I always knew as me but noone else knew about it Then the fourth, part or me whom no one ever knew it exist even me.

    have you add me as link?

  5. We are indeed searching… questioning… for eternity… your words bring forth a poetic edge to the cruel reality of the human nature… the not so human form we mold to, and run away from…

    Very poetic prose… truly enjoyed the battle… I was searching for a post on masks… for I too have had my battles. I found one… and may I quote a very wise reader and friend…

    “I have been thinking a lot about this mask, and battle between image and self, Sometimes I feel like I am renting a life, that I am hear but not really hear, we ofetn speak yet say nothing, and I wonder if my words are heard!”

    Yes indeed they are heard, time and time again…

    • Enreal, your words are always so full of enlightenment.

      I think we spend a life time battling ourselves, though I fear that it is the system and way that we live that inspires these battles. People confuse me, and that edge of humanity the bitter crule side sickens me!

      Trying to understand self and shine with out the mask, is the hardest battle we face.

  6. […] As Duma Key was pondering his masks, perhaps I too have pondered mine […]

  7. Surprisingly it reminded me of Billy Joel’s Stranger. Question away it you find the answer. Let the truth set you free

  8. “The more I search for some form of recognition, the more lost I become, the more unknown to me, I am”
    Deep down you know who you really are, the question is if we show it is that the ultimate vulnerability? Is it fear that forces our hand to hide our true face? You are not alone in your struggle. So often I read your posts and swear you are writing for me. Scary and comforting all at once.

    • Wise words Bryliejane, may be its fear, fear of standing out there naked as I am, may be its fear of rejection or vulnrability, often I just want to feel safe in my own skin.

  9. as I said to Enreal. Life is a hellva a thing to put upon a person. I like your prose better than my poetry. I’ve been told I should write more prose, because I write it so poetically. But everytime I do I break it down to verse. Still in comp, I have to turn in prose, it’s too bad you’re not in my English class we would both be spinning the instructor’s head.

    • You got that right Charles, although I think we over complicate things and in so doing forget how to really live.

      Poetry / Prose…more rules that define rules, just let the words flow, break free and define there own style.

  10. your words are intriguing and moving
    they always have my mind paceing and pondering each line

  11. pretty effin cool, I say

  12. hiii

    how are you??

    have a great day


  13. Beautifull words. Great post… great thread… and, great to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. You know… the old “masqueraders love company” thing.. 😉 I’ve written many poems and posts on the subject… directly, or indirectly. I feel like, for the first time in my life, I am on the verge of finally being free of the masks.. so close…not quite there… not sure we ever quite get there 100%

    Here’s a couple of mine on the topic.. if interested:

    • Thanks for your thoughts Sam, Thanks for sharing your posts with me, great thoughts and style.

      I think the more I try to shed the mask, the deeper and more ingrained it becomes…. the more lost I find myself!

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