Thoughts in Pictures

Words fail to fall as once they did, Time slips by, not fast as once before but slow, silent and deadly, each passing second becomes an hour, each hour a day, each day a month. Time once my ever enemy, now my plight, my rock to bare.

Pictures that capture a time, a place, a moment, that speak more than a thousand words yet say nothing. These are my moments in Ireland, my seconds in time, frozen now for eternity like bugs in amber, these things we no are neither rich nor rare, but wonder how the devil they got there.

Falling time, be still and rest a while, sleep now, while words I seek to fall upon my tongue once more. O heavenly words flow, the ripened peach upon my lips, the sweet nectar of her juices run again with in my blood, that pulse of life that beats and drives the very heart of all and one, that underpins the beating heart of natures very call.

~ by Duma Key on November 29, 2009.

10 Responses to “Thoughts in Pictures”

  1. did you have a nice time in dublin? your photos look nice

    • Dublin was good, very wet though! The rains sat with vengance! Glad you like the photos, though they are no where near as good as anything that you produce!

  2. Duma, perhaps you should try writing without thinking; it might open up your creative energies. Sounds like Dublin gave you renewed spirit. That’s a good thing. You tend to see the darker sides of life – allow the darkness to motivate you into moving, dancing, writing…

    I may have something for you…I shall check on it.

    Peace, Light and Love, C.

    • Dublin for a while brought escape and freedom, I needed to pull away from the wilderness I wandered in, away from temptations call. Steeped in history lost in time, the land of the living walking over the land of the dead, the lost and the gone. The bullet holes that abound the walls of the GPO tell a story of the suffering, the plight of the past. In Dublin for the first time in so long I felt alive, a connection between the shadows of today and the shadows of yesterday. The post I wrote on the grave yard, and the unknown people,the untold heros, told by an old man in a church yard brought things into a prespective that I could not see.
      Words at the moment fail to come, the story lays untold as the words are lost, the screen lays empty, silent and forgotten, though the image unfolds inside my mind. I wander in the darkness looking for something, yet what it is I seek, I do not know, but I think now when I find it I will know.
      Thank you for your thoughts and comments Cordieb, through my darkened days, and your blog so full of light, your words often like beacons have had my call in the darkened dead of night when no place seemed safe!

  3. The Pictures are beautiful. Loved the view of the sea and of the Castle(?/Fort?).

    Glad you had a good time. Willing you Light within and out.

    • Thank you mysoul, It was a castle something else I have a fascination with, old buildings and that sence of history, snap shot in time, walking where once so many others in a different time walked, learning how they lived and the events the building saw!

  4. enjoyed the pic of yr visit (I have mine too, cool,returnable place,Ireland)
    My favorite image was the one before the last.
    thanx for sharing

  5. You say the words seem to fail to fall, yet I hear them loud and clear… they are vibrating with the photos… beautiful

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