Music and Words..Memory

From images to music. Of late I have been searching songs that sit upon my shelves that bear sweet memory’s fair call. It’s funny how a song not only stores the memory’s of that time in one’s life, but the feeling and emotion of that time.

New music too, acts almost like a blank canvas, a sponge as such that soaks up the moment and stores it away. Certain songs bring back memory’s of times gone by, it’s almost like a gateway through time that reconnects the past and present, merging as one great symphony of life.

Hidden meanings in each tune played, each person holds their own, a past love or broken heart, time of high or time of low, it’s all there locked away in sweet music depth.

The blackness that seeps into my mind at present, echos well and holds the song above. I have to say that Evanescence at present hold much for me, I always feel a kind of depth when I hear their music falling to my ears, sweet sounds that touch my soul, haunting yet fulfilling.


~ by Duma Key on November 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “Music and Words..Memory”

  1. Hello – and thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I am glad to find your place here – and am enjoying your thoughts and the way you write them. This entry is so true – how songs act like a sponge with our memories. You put it very nicely.

    I also am a fan of Evanescence. Their song “Everybody´s Fool” hit’s home with me… know it?

  2. I smiled as I read this. It is true. Music, Books, Places, Certain People and Events have this kind of power – the power to take you back to that emotion, to time travel, to explore your imagination, explore your thoughts and cherish them or change them if you so wish.

    • So true mysoul, Music more for me stores memorys and feelings once forgoten, brought back to life. I found some old Tapes the other day…the joys of rewind and fast forward!! But it memorys of times past came flooding back as the tunes sprang forth, some good some not so good. Although books hold there own charm, there own snap shot in life, I have this obsession with books, I can never part with them! I love to just see them on my bookcase and shelves and recall there story and the history of me that mingles in the words!

  3. It is amazing how powerful music can be. There are some songs that I can no longer listen to simply because of the memory they bring to mind. Other songs are release stress. And some just make me smile.

    • Yes I agree, there is songs that I hold where memory is to powerful to recall and replay, though in a wierd sense its also nice knowing that memory is there and able to recall should I so choose!
      Stress release…lol I have a few tracks that I play also, much to the annoyance of my neighbours….but it does work!
      Thanks for your comments unabridgedgirl

  4. Sensational write-up, I’m particularly enthralled by the second paragraph, so true that’s how I remember -through a song- I love Evanescence, and this tune is splendid…my favourite is ‘My Immortal’ every enchanting second of it.

    • Thanks Lorraine for you comments, different songs hold different things for different people, secret memories of times gone by, captured moments frozen for all of time.
      Evanescence are great, I don’t think there is anything they have done that I don’t like! My Immortal is a great piece.

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