Three Blind Mice…..!

Are we sitting comfortably? Good then I shall begin……..

Once upon on a time, there was no happy ever after, nor a happy today, or happy tomorrow for that fact, just a pit, a deep dark pit, that the basin of the world nestles in and the vermin of the world inhabit, a place that stinks like shit.

There was light and then darkness came, falling like the rains from skies above upon the shores beneath, nothing lives, yet all exists, for what is really, is not. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, endless blackness, endless darkness, endless pain that wails long into the night when shadows fall from far away and sleep no more. Yes blackness rests and sweet lady depression comes to call, this is her world now and her time, sweet time to dwell on darkness thoughts.

A friend from old, a time long lost, forgotten now to this world of mine, prehaps some may say better that way, we passed by chance and words we spoke, the blackness dwells and darkness calls its own. I spoke of times with in the light, he spoke of times gone by, for me nothing now remains, for him the world to his feet does fall. Come back my friend his parting words, two days later I have a gun, a gift for memory’s sake, for deeds once done.

Beside me lays this tool of war, created by those that live in light, used by those that dwell in shadows, a gift from old. I can taste and feel the power, it oozes through my body, my blood and my mind Two choices now before me lay, tow paths, I can return to ways of old, or end it now.

These are my friends see how they glisten, see how the light reflects onto shadows, see how the darkness descends on the day, see how they fall….

Three blind mice, three blind mice,  see how they run, see how they run, they all chase after the farmers wife, who cuts of there tails with a carving knife, see how they run…..Now see how they come…..quite as night slipping in with shadows of yesterday they come, see how they come,  those three blind mice, not so blind, not so more, they pull out there guns and shoot at the farmers wife, now see how she runs, see how she runs. that farmers wife, shot dead in the night still clutching the carving knife, that cut of the tails of those three blind mice.

And so it begins, or so here it ends, just like three blind mice, hunted by the farmers wife, who in turn becomes the hunted, the society in which we choose to dwell, but for the fear of something afterwards, that unknown place from whose borne no traveler will return, makes us suffer those ills we have as oppose to fly to others we know not of. (Ok I bluntly pinched that bit from Shakspere, but his words fit where mine fall short).

And so they all lived happily ever after, exept the farmers wife who is dead, the three blind mice who lost there tails, and the people who lost the very reason for life it’s self.

The end.

~ by Duma Key on October 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Three Blind Mice…..!”

  1. Yeah. What can I say?
    Life is like an insane nursery rhyme to me, so I guess I get this.
    So, outside of saying I’ve danced with this particular Devil myself, tasted his temptation and even asked him in for coffee and let him spend the night, folded out the couch for him…outside of saying that, I am helpless to help you see that you’re not alone. What I can tell you is that you have a tremendous, blossoming talent for words, and what a pity it would be to throw that away.
    I’ve lived in the house of desperation and despair. It don’t seem you’ll ever get out. Those “friends” don’t get you out, and either do those ways of old. Wait. There’s more.
    Anyway my Friend, beautiful writing. Life’s not wasted yet.

    • Thanks for your thoughts and words oraclofthepearl, taken me sometime to figure out the state of mind and direction that I search. Your words through out have been a light with in the darkness

  2. When I can’t find my own words I find myself reaching for those already written…

    To go in the dark with a light is to know light. To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight, and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings, and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings. –Wendell Berry

    In our darkness, we think only of the destructon that the shadows can bring … never of the beauty that can only be seen if we look hard enough. Peace be with you, I know your road, I travel it also, with each step we take, with each battle we fight, we take one more step on the road that is taking us where we belong. Hang in there!

    • Words are often hard to find when most you need, another sad little puzzle of this life.

      I love that quote btw, not heard that before.

      I hope your road is easing somewhat, if not here in the wildeness I found a nice little bar where the world spins by and the drink runs free, taking a break from reality to study the map!

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