Still no job…!

Time slips now fast, and I am struggling to hold on as still the storm rages on with no sign of ease. Things have slipped from bad to worse as the world spins on and on. desperately searching work it seems I am to qualified for some and underqualified for another, Its simple I just want a job!

I am alone in this darkness now and finding  day by day the will to travel on much drained, I am struggling now to step out side, with people and with thoughts, the shadows of yesterday return to steal away there prey and feast in the deadness of night.

More and more time slips and I simply now do not know how I will pay the rent next month, already skipping food to make ends meet, I am drowning fast and there seems now no way out.

Its a hard feeling going from on high, having money and a life to quite literally being left with nothing and no where to turn. No where to run.

I have no internet connection now at home, or the place that somehow seems to serve as my self made prison, so my entry’s will be slow though I will try and post when I gain chance.

I am still trying to understand myself and change the very core where rot set in, the first time in ages I made that journey back to parents land for a wedding of my sister and played my part, listened to words, no longer with a burning hate, but eyes to see and thoughts to think, though the picture I painted of my world was far from what it is, I guess I still need to focus on the image still. I think the important step was to make it there and stand and see, mistakes of yesterday bring forth new life and growth with in if we take forth the lessons learned.


~ by Duma Key on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Still no job…!”

  1. Hang in there, Duma Key.

  2. *HUG*

    (sorry – I had to offer one, I needed to as well – I have been here – AM here, it sucks)


    • Yes its tough times out there, but also brings home a realisation that you dont know what you have until its gone.
      In the space of a few months my bar crashed and burned, just after I decided that juggling my day job and the bar was too much, and the bar was doing well enough for me to jump there full time and focus on other things!
      One day I had it all the next day a pile of ash.
      I hope for you too things pick up and you find work that suits and works for you.

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