Blood Hounds Hunt

“When troubles come they come not single spies but in battalion’s”

How true this seems to be, as blood hounds run and rain sets in. The skies once blue, now over cast and black spill rains upon the shores beneath, water logged and drenched soils can no longer cope and all that once was solid slips fast and hard away.

Everywhere now darkness casts its shadow, draws in its breath and sucks once sweet life from the lungs of the weak and the lost, the innocent and forgotten. Anger rages deep inside me, everything now seems impossible, life now wet with rains that pour and pour slips from my fingers fast, day by day I find it harder to hold on.

Ropes entangle inside my mind mix up the reasonable and the rational with outside thoughts and darkness call, normal thought becomes squeezed out and I am loosing the very thread of all that is for all that was, in a world where nothing makes sense. Day by day the craziness becomes more crazy and day by day we battle on, trying to fight the inevitable.

Death stay no longer from my door and hear my call, let time no longer tick, let breath no longer fill my lungs, be still my beating heart and sleep eternal find your way inside, call me down, bring me in and down to bear. I no longer want this crazy world, trapped by walls that bear on in every passing second, squeeze and push all the fight from with in.

Dreams are plauged now with worrys of what tommorrow will bring, and tommorrows passing brings in more worrys that fall to dreams and all become one, the colours drain, life expands and no more do I want this, no more do I need this, No more I scream and scream into skies eternal, filled with darkness and the pouring rain.

On and on this world spins, credit, finance, money driven now with greed that its so far out of control, every day they come and take more and more, when there is still nothing less they come for more and more, they invent and twist the rules to turn and feed themselves, we are all lost, lost in this mess.

Banks spun and spurned now what befalls the globe, and do they suffer? Record profits shown, rewarding themselves for bad behaviour, feeding themselves on charges from the poor and the vulnerable, stealing now the very food from our mouths, anything to clamor for more and more, the greed.

“When sorrows come they come not singles spy’s but in battalions”

~ by Duma Key on August 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Blood Hounds Hunt”

  1. Glad you’re back, but sorry the darkness has returned.

  2. i was also happy to see your back
    i hope this darkness passes from you soon ❤

  3. for what it’ worth, dumakey, i hear ya. please keep writing. lovefoxglove

  4. It’s too good to see new words from you. good to have you back, selfishly/ please stay

  5. It is only imagination.

    Are you feeling extreme physical pain or mourning the loss of a loved one? No, you are imagining a future that might not be the way you expected it to be and this is making your miserable.

    Instead imagine people who are far less fortunate than yourself.

    This brief interruption in your routine life may be your best chance in this life to wake up.

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