One more Vodka….

Tables smashed and broken glass, red blood falls from golden skies and the world is once more becomes a mess. Vodka slips as Carling falls, the party rocks on as the world spins by.

Perpetual motion, people come and people go as the party rages and the red blood falls, a world outside the window, coherent sane and normal, so much more drunk than the chaos inside. A different kind of drunk, drunk on bills and worries, emotion and strain from a system that’s so far gone, it knows no end.

As the Vodka flows and the world inside spins, as the glasses fly and the fighting breaks out, as the blood pours simple and quick as vodka flowing from the glass, still onwards and onwards this fucked up mess spins on, its difficult now to tell where the chaos lies, is it inside, is it outside, more Vodka, does it really matter.

Broken glass from exploded window pane, inside is suddenly outside, and outside in, the boundary’s are blurred as on and on the Vodka flows, the party rages strong. One more vodka followed by another, and one more if you please, as the red blood flows falling from once golden skies.

The walls begin to spin, the room it moves and turns, dancing the last dance as the daylights shadows twist and turn in a world full of chaos, full of shame and pain. The normals they come, they dance and they judge, more tables flying more broken glass, I am a shadow, I am the danger you do not see, the rules are gone, I have danced your last dance, and played by your way, now step into my world its time to pay.

Falling people, broken glass, blue lights flashing the peace keepers, they come, they step from the right across to the left, they come from a world that’s falling apart, and patch up the holes to up hold the rules, those fucking rules that make no sense, that’s say you can starve just don’t steal the food.

They come as a symbol of the mess of this world, they sail upon self appointed morals of the low and the lowly, so blinded by sight, that they fail to see really see that the sail in on the shit of rules that are broke, the rules that they fix and amend.

With stupid sprays and little sticks they come to the party of the shadows of night, more broken glass and flying sticks, more madness in chaos and still the vodka flows and the blood, the blood it pours, the only truth in the darkness of life, and on and on they come, more and more as the tempo and beat increase and the rhythm of life expands.

Red blood falling from once golden skies, its flooding your world and you don’t even see……….

~ by Duma Key on July 13, 2009.

One Response to “One more Vodka….”

  1. hi.

    just wanted to tell you this is quite gorgeous.


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