A walk and thoughts

A forgotten PlaceUnheard beneath the silence of the world in which we dwell, engulfed now by progress brow, lays the world of the unseen, of the forgotten days of yesterday, a place that holds with in the wisdom of the old and knows that progress brow will slip, here in she waits, with calm and baited breath to recall her lands and reign once more as queen, to restore the wisdom of the old and return to time the lands she lost.

Around the corner, or down the street, hidden far from view, little ally ways run, pathways from reality to back and beyond, tiny little secrets, pockets of the forgotten, the lost and unseen. A million times have I passed such a place and a million times have I failed to see, to really see what lays beneath.

Haunted by fear, by worry of tomorrow, of bills and pain in progress name, I slipped away my prison cell and walked awhile, quite why the urge to walk struck so hard and fast, I do not know, although with hind sight now I fear her call was strong, she had a secret to share and a story to tell. Up towards the school and past the church a tiny lane sits carved into natures bowl, each side are houses, quaint and full in many ways of long forgotten history trapped now in memory’s dark vault, forgotten for all of time. Yet as I walked this street I passed a thousand times, I found myself slipping further and further away from reality, further and further away from the pulse and the drum beat demanded by progress call, and falling further and further into another place another world.

As I looked down the road on which I walked vanished beneath my feet and her I found sweet natures bed, the muddy deluge of years of growth filled my shoes, ungulfed my jeans and seemed to draw me in, her hands so sweet and soft reached up and grasped my legs and seemed to call me on.

As I walked the sound of today slipped, the unmelodious noise of a world so full and busy simply departed from my ears and sounds so rich and sweet spring forth, the forgotten melody of life, as birds began to sing tunes of wisdom, tunes of old there meaning now lost upon my ears, I realised how far apart I have drifted in the vain of progress name.

Each step I took with in her open arms I found my lungs filling with breath, my heart beat slowing down, I could breath, really breath for the first time in months, onwards I forged and step by step the worry engulfing me lifted, her sweet arms reached out wise old trees, that have seen the yesterday of what once was and the tomorrow of what is to come, reached out to me, and stole away my worries.

Further I walked, stepping from reality into another place, a forgotten place a place beyond, it was almost like the world in which I knew no longer seemed to be, and the onwards pull was strong, the ground around me seemed to call me onwards, there were secrets to tell and miles to go, she was calling to me now, for so long have I yearned to feel this free and never once have I been able to acheive this, yet here I was, captured now by the sheer beauty of this place I see.

Hidden secrets
Hidden secrets

Still onwards I walked transfixed by beauty, by depth and though, and the unreality of all of this, I had simply stepped of the face of the living into the place of the unknown, with every passing second I felt more and more free, but still I could not see what it was I was here for, what her call so Strong meant for me to see.

The world in which I now stood was a million miles from the place I stood before, the place only ten minutes ago I had walked out of, I had this urge to run to bury myself in this new found freedom to impression everything I saw upon my mind, to steal and hold on to every passing second, the beauty that met my gaze, the urge to run free, to stay here, to never return back to place I had come from, bit strong and hard and as I looked over the borough before me, transfixed on me as I on they were two sets of deep dark eyes.
Staring eyes of wisdom
Staring eyes of wisdom

These eyes fell from one side then the other, the white horse pictured, seemed to stand for ages and watch me, with a sad sort of curiosity, it struck me as strange as at the time I was thinking so powerfully of running here appears two horses, in the same vain.

Onwards I walked transfixed by the wonder of this place and lost in thought, though the land of the living once dwelt here, nature herself was claiming back her ground, slowly eating her way through the chunks of discarded concert, pushing her way back upwards claiming her territory, not with guns or blood shed as with human kind, but with piece and persistence day by day in harmony she stakes her claim and takes back the ground so rightfully hers.P060709_21.00 As these thoughts loomed in my mind, I rounded what seemed like a natural passage way, where the trees opened up to form and arch way, the ground softened beneath my feet and I found myself in a strange kind of time warp. An old abandoned barn lay before me, the glass had long since gone, the wood eaten slowly by decay a whole epiphany of thought and life, a place where time had seemed to stop.
The vision now presenting itself was to me the whole of what I was thinking, a kind of balance between the progress of life and the return to nature, where one meets the other with a fair and balanced stance. Nature was quite literally consuming the barn, taking back the ground that once man chilled deep with in. Where the people where who owned the barn, I know not, or why they have just left it, not unlike Miss Haversham in Great Expectations, time stood still and nature built and reclaimed her land. It hit me then just how insignificant all of this is. We have built great city’s from land and clay, we have chiseled away the core of natures breath, yet we can not stop her, constantly in the back ground unseen unheard, she is reclaiming her land, taking back what once was hers, waging war on humanity, stealing back progress.
Abandoned barn
Abandoned barn

Quite literally before my eyes, the whole of my thought process was presented in real terms, what was once before shall be again, its in harmony that this happens slowly over time working with, not against, her arms reach out and engulf the building man made, she swallows it up, strips back the history and returns the ancient wisdom of what once was and what is to be. Trees now young and full of life burst forth through broken window pains and reach out unto the world, they use the deluge left behind by man to feed to grow and bring new life.

Whilst we dabble with test tubes and clones, whilst we fiddle with nature, whilst we loose are way in the craziness we call living nature steals back lands and time, she takes away the skill we used and brings us back to earth.P060709_21.07
These images and thoughts stuck deep with in my mind, and the rains began to fall, my call back to the land of the living. As slowly I turned and left this secret place on the edge of reality I felt like I had found something though as of yet I still battle with the thoughts, in a strange way this place called for me to see, and so I came and saw.
As I headed back to the land of the living, back to the chaos that is our life, I could feel the pressure mount, the weight returned and breath becoming once more hard to gain, but I also left with a strange new feeling.
I know I will now return here once more, probably more often, a place I never knew was there because I simply forgot to look.  I want to seek out these roads and pathways, that lead out of this world into the unknown and find the hidden treasure that lays now lost in natures arms.

~ by Duma Key on July 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “A walk and thoughts”

  1. A walked that journey with you – and the photographs are just unearthly…or maybe superearthly is more accurate. Lovely.

  2. wow

  3. interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  4. You words are beautiful. You painted a masterpiece… the canvas full of light and space. An incredible piece my friend. Kudos*** and by the way… Wow is right

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