Yesterdays Assessment

Just to start with a thanks for all your kind words, support and thoughts, to be able on here to vent my thoughts and know in some round about way that I am not insane, helps much.

My assessment yesterday was grueling, and when I say grueling this I mean with sincerity. 9AM Interview 3, my life history torn apart, 10 am Business which I stomped right through, supposed to be 1 hour half way through they stopped me, I had said enough and proved myself!

Quick smoke with time on my hands, interview 2! With the regional director, again stomp right on through, finished early as my interviewer pointed out that it would just be an insult to me to ask more questions everything he needs has already been said by practical examples of what I have done.

Lunch…… then Numeracy, what a night mare, 30 minutes and 35 questions, stupid charts on banana’s and inflation, cars verse space and people, towards the end I got fed up and just marked of answers, with time on my hands I went back and revised.

Then Group exercises, 7 people trapped in a cave time is slipping you can only save one at a time, what order do you rank them in and why, then the team had to agree. Everyone bullying to impress the interviewer’s, my contribution what is our criteria to choose, then reason and justify by? as every one was determined to win, have there list as the one chosen, once criteria was established we moved forward with ease and decided well in time.

9 am to 5pm a long day of pressure, room to room, person to person, balance caught here and there and I had developed a stinking cold, my nose was running my chest heavy and the most annoying cough, really not a great state to be in.

I came out thinking I had done all I could, I threw what I had in, elaborated a little here and there and used my knowledge and experience to answer questions, though I know my confidence was lacking a little especially at first meet, worn out by the day, and overwhelmed by the caliber of candidates in the room, nine others, some in work some not all high ranking positions all making there way in this world and then me, surely I was fooling myself.

We departed to be told, we would hear one way or the other by Wednesday next week.

20 mins ago I got a call…………………! The position I applied for had been filled by one of the other candidates, however one of the regional managers was impressed with my knowledge and may have a position for me soon, he called the person who would have been my boss last night to ask if he planned on offering me the position and if not would he mind if he approached me! So next week we meet for a coffee and do a joint site visit, on the ground training to see where I fit. I need to improve my confidence levels, but this draws back to my last blog post and echos from my childhood.

I am still no further forwards but have some progress now not really sure where things go from here, but as a back up I am applying for another two positions lower grade, but I need the income and fast!!!


~ by Duma Key on June 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Yesterdays Assessment”

  1. hi…

    I am happy to help people who need advices, support and someone who listen to them.

    I love doing it.
    BTW, I hope the meeting will go fine

    with love,

  2. “Then Group exercises, 7 people trapped in a cave time is slipping you can only save one at a time, what order do you rank them in and why, then the team had to agree.”

    Okay…Okay…I don’t mean to giggle, but really? Honestly? Truly, you had to do this?

    Whew. I’m good now.

    Anyway, at least you got through it all, right?


  3. Duma–

    Congrats Keep us posted. And remember that forward progress, the most important kind, is internal. Not measured by what is happening around us externally. You have gone leaps and bounds my friend.

    Honored to know ya,


  4. Congatulations. Those exercises sound a little scary. Who were the people in the cave? Was it a case of saving the most vunerable first? I am fascinated – absolutely fascinated. Maybe you could do a post about what the choices were, and why! (Maybe after you get the job, just in case it’s some kind of breach of confidentiality or something:) ) I believe things will work out for you. And thankyou again for sharing.

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