The worst interview of my life……

Never before I have prepared for something so much, only to find myself so unprepared. Never before have I had so many things to say, but seemed unable to say them, words for so long my friends, when I needed them most they slipped away from me.

The interview was hard, to start I found that my SAT NAV was unable to locate the destination, nor could the RAC or AA route planner, I later found this was a new build. Worries about my car letting me down, and the fact that should it so choose, I had no means of getting it repaired, I simply can not afford to, not knwoing where I was going and general lack of sleep the previous evening, I was not in the best frame of mind for this interview.

The interview it’s self was open, the first question was tell me about you……. My brain went dead and words slipped away of to some other destination, a vaction prehapes……! I found myself waffeling an awful lot and found that I was going in no real direction, I could feel through out my chance of this job was slipping away with every passing second, and that I was fooling myself coming here, trying to do this.

I left that interview and drove back here, my tempory home upset and disappointed, feeling that I could have acheived so much more and watching my chances of survival draining away before my eyes. I wanted to drive hard and fast towards the on coming traffic, questioning the pointlessness of my life, and the fact things were just over. Trapped in a corner with no way out.

I could hardly stay with thought that evening, words once light now black filled my mind and once more I found my thoughts drifting to where sleep rests eternal, thinking how I could escape this mess.

Friday morning the promised feed back call came, I braced myself once more for the news, thanks but no thanks, only to be informed that my application has now progressed to the next stage, a full day assesement……! Somewhere in the muddle of that interview I must have said the right things, and now I make my way accross to the next stage.

A full day of assesment, having checked my e-mail this morning I am to attened on Thursday morning at 9:00am and stay until 5pm, a long day and I am hoping now I have the necassary knowledge and ability to sustain myself and move towards the final stage.

Time is still ticking and I may be able to survive the remainder of this month but only just…..! I need to be back out and working again, and I so much want this job and the oppertunity to be able to make a real differance out there on the streets.


~ by Duma Key on June 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “The worst interview of my life……”

  1. Yay!!!!1 On to stage II. 🙂 I’ve got a gut feeling that everything will be just fine. Relax, take a deep breath, and give thanks!!!! PLL, C.

  2. Keep us posted!

    • Thanks Molly, I am hoping all is not lost as I wage through pages and pages of old notes, search the internet and try to keep on top of things as best I can

  3. thankyou for your kind comment, it was a nice reassurance that i achieved what i wanted from that photograph

    argh i’m sorry to hear things didn’t go exactly the way you wanted with the interview; but look how it’s turned out! 😀
    good luck & definitely keep us updated xx

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