Some news to chase a dream……

Time is slipping fast and hard, still stressed and worried and finding solace in the bottom of a glass, at least it stems the tide of thought a while and lets me sleep, to awake one more day to the nightmare that has become my world.

Last Friday afternoon, after countless checking on my phone, I missed a call, the voice mail left was to organise an interview for the most perfect job. Everything about it slips well, a position I want and am sure I can excel with in, its an area that I have a passion for and knowledge on many levels of. The more I think of this position the more I want it, desperately, present situation aside, this would be my dream job, and should I prove successful a pivotal point in my life.

The interview now falls on Thursday and day by day I am worrying more about how strong I can come across and how much I want and need this break, how much I want this job. I have sourced and secured the company’s operating manuals, to gain more in-depth view on there stance, I am reading up through old notes and text’s to refresh my mind, and scouring the Internet to ensure I am up to date. This job gives me not only the opportunity to improve myself but also make a difference to a section that means a lot to me, out there on the streets, I can help build and change a pathway that will have an impact.

Doubts flow through my mind, I know I will not be the strongest candidate in the offering, I need to ensure that I come across in the interview much stronger, that I give rise to all the possibility’s, I can not express just how much I want this, though I fear failure as opportunities like this do not fall at the doors of people like me.

I am holding on now until the time comes on Thursday, I am screaming out with all my mind and soul that this position will fall to me, and that things will change and once more the sun will come to shine.


~ by Duma Key on June 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Some news to chase a dream……”

  1. Good Luck!! I will pray for you…..just remember everything happens for good.

  2. All the very best!

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