A bottle of Whisky and a box of dreams….

Blackness descends now, its thickening vale grips tight as darkness falls and winter embeds itself into my mind, my world. I am falling fast and know no way back, the doors are all closed, what once was good now falls bad and the will to continue slips with every passing second.

A bottle of whisky a box of dreams, one add one equals two, the gate way to the end. Time stand still, yet relentless like the tides that wash my mind and batter down the rocks, its holds off no more.

The light strains to pull me in, but I belong not there, she is better alone away from me. The world turns and all I want to do is sleep, eternal sleep and pass from this place to that of another. The fear of what is to come does not taunt me, now but calls me on the winds, whispers in the shadows. I simply no longer want to play.

The sun shines out there, in a world I tried one last time to be apart of, but once more fell short. Dancing shadows beyond my finger tips, always out of reach always just beyond my grasp.

I need space to breath yet the walls come crashing down, squeezing hard. I cant think, I cant see. Sleep reach to me eternal sleep, pull me now beyond the vale.

A bottle of whisky a box of dreams, one add one equals???????? Who cares…. there is no point to this.


~ by Duma Key on April 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “A bottle of Whisky and a box of dreams….”

  1. Perhaps what you longed for is indeed rest, and the universe heard you. The darkness will continue to pull you in if you allow it to. Seek the light and you shall see the glimmerof hope once more. There is a glimmer of hope in your inner spirit. You must call upon this light to bring you out of your darkness. A bottle of whisky will only bring more darkness, and an agravated, distorted reality. Pick up your box of dreams and allow them to manifest. Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

  2. Aw, Dumkey, I am sad.
    Of course there is a point. Never give up, my friend. A valuable voice would be lost to me and so many.
    All the same, I feel you. And who cares…..I do.

    “Normal” life seems so much harder for some of us; we that have no training for it, no real taste for it, yet yearn anyway for something it holds; something that seems held away from us especially.
    Take heart, you are not alone.

  3. When the walls come crashing down, the space around you grows and explodes with possibilities. You can quote me on that…..carry on…

  4. Intense!

  5. Powerful! Just powerful!
    Loved every bit.
    But you sound like you need a break.

    keep writing though:)

  6. Sometimes darkness is just what we need to learn to see a little better, differently. That does not make it any easier when you are going through it though. Hold on and things may turn around. Keep being creative because adversity can bring out a more real, more creative part of us.

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