Train Rides and Thoughts…….!

Twisting pathways of life, suddenly one can be riding waves so high, the view so clear, the land ahead dancing, sparkling the pale sunlight, a picture of heavenly paradise awaits, only to find the waves we ride come crashing down and your slammed upon the surface bed of seas so harsh and old, where by the only thing that waits is the ever calling chill of the dammed, lost then for all of time with wrecks of life’s gone by sunken now from site that one time view now nothing more than a fleeting memory.

Sitting today upon a train, looking round. People everywhere, different life’s some up some down, locked in there own private ride, lost in there own journey. I could not help but wonder where on that wave they ride. Some riding high some smashing down upon the rocks beneath. All these life’s all these people, that I will never know.

Sitting there people around, some beside, some behind, some across. I could have reached out and touched these people, but to know them, to touch there lives, I would never do. My mind is racing as time is ticking wondering which way there worlds spins, where it goes, up or down. Roll up roll up…come see the great circus of life, the show is poor, the stage is set, the price is high, roll up roll up.

We wander blind lost in the wilderness of living a life that has no meaning no purpose, that has become so bizarre the only place I can find for it is a freak show in the circus tent.  Yet still blind to each other we wander on, the plight of living, how many of us actually enjoy life? All those people all those pathways I crossed for a brief point in life, all those people I will never know, never speak with. Each of us sitting there, at some point on that wave, each on a journey awaiting our stop, all blind to each other. I actually wondered if I was really there.

The real essence of living seems to be lost, as the roof comes crashing down and flames engulf, we are sinking fast and hard, slipping deeper and deeper down in to the depths of muddy shores, lost with in the stomping ground of ancient, where by there lessons learnt to late, our fate is set.

Interview today, spinning my world, finding some way to survive, one question asked through me hard and fast….. What do I want to do???? I simply have no idea.


~ by Duma Key on March 16, 2009.

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